Can You Really Make Money Taking Surveys?

In the world of earning online income, one in particular seems to always be talked about and always leaves me the most skeptic. Online surveys. Most of them claim to make you anywhere from $1-$15 for taking a survey of varying length. Now I value my time, but if you are anything like me, you probably waste a decent amount of said time on various things, most notably social media, flipping channels, browsing Netflix for something that grabs your attention, or aimlessly surfing YouTube. For the next 30 days, I’m going to try out this whole idea of making money online via completing online surveys.

I chose Vindale Research to start with as they claim to pay up to $50 per survey. They also issue payments via check or PayPal. The signup process pretty straight forward. You fill in some personal information and then you are getting started. After you verify your email address, you will immediately be given a short survey that walks you through the survey process and pays you $2. The survey took about two minutes … hey! That’s $60 an hour and the magical $1 a minute!

Vindale survey examples with time to complete and payment amount
Examples of survey’s.

You can take survey’s directly on their website. The first one they offered me wasn’t exactly encouraging.
Vindale first surveyNow, $0.87 for 25 minutes (TWENTY FIVE MINUTES!) of my time was not exactly encouraging. However, it only took about 5 minutes to complete the survey (wait for it) because I was not qualified. Sad face. 5 minutes and $0 dollars later I went at it again. I completed a second survey, for which I wasn’t told how much I would be paid and it took roughly 10 minutes to complete. When it was finished, my account balance still showed $2, so it looks like I didn’t “qualify” to complete the survey. I decided I would try a third survey and that will be enough for one day. I hadn’t envisioned spending more than 30 minutes a day on survey’s, but so far that elusive $50 claim seems rather far fetched! Sadly my attempt at earning $0.24 was denied as the survey was closed by the time I clicked on it, so it looks like I am 0-3 for surveys and down about 30 minutes of my time. Not the best start!

There is a secondary way to earn income from Vindale Research and that is by referring a friend. Referrals are worth $5 and that sounds a lot better than taking surveys to me! This site is called Passive Income Blogger after all and earning referral income while doing nothing sounds pretty passive to me. The caveat is that the person who is referred must earn $1 (outside of the $2 you are basically gifted) in order for you to get paid the referral bonus. Why don’t you try this survey experiment with me?! At the very least, I do find this a bit entertaining. It’s sort of a wild goose hunt, searching for that magical survey that will actually pay some money! Maybe I’m in the wrong target demographic. Can you do better than me on your first day? Let me know in the comments below.

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